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Each lesson is designed to give you something actionable that you can take and apply to your app. Watch me present the concept, give you an example, and let you keep the knowledge forever.

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Have you ever asked a question on the internet? Have you ever tried ripping your own hair out? If I were a betting man I'd say those two instances were likely related. The internet is a fantastic place - but it's not always the best place to ask a question.

React Native School's private Slack community is an oasis in finding answers to your React Native questions. Connect with other React Native developers leveling up their skills and building apps.

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Instructor Bio

I'm Spencer Carli - a developer, cat dad, and devout pizza lover. I live just outside of Nashville, TN with my girlfriend and two cats.

And there's a chance we've already (virtually) met! I've been using React Native full-time since it was first open sourced in 2015 and have written/recorded hundreds of lessons to help others get up to speed with React Native. That means that if you've ever looked up an answer to a React Native question, you've likely read/watched one of my lessons!

I love teaching (maybe even more than development) and hearing how I can help people build what they set out to. I'm not the most patient person you'll meet so I like to keep my lessons to the point - you've got a job to do and I'm here to help you do that, so I won't keep you too long with my bad jokes.

For the equivalent of a damn good pizza and beer I can teach you everything I know about React Native.

Courses Included with React Native School

When you join React Native School not only will you get access to a new lesson each week but also free access to a select library of premium courses to help you tackle common challenges in React Native!

Uploading Images in React Native
Learn how to upload images with React Native in a variety of conditions.
Spencer Carli
How to Debug React Native Apps in Development and Production
Learn tools and strategies to help you more easily debug the inevitable bugs you'll face while building a mobile app.
Spencer Carli
Building and Validating Forms with Formik & Yup
Learn to build and manage high-quality forms for your React Native app with Formik and Yup.
Spencer Carli
Building a Component Library with Storybook
Learn to create a library of components that are easy to use, self documenting, and easily tested.
Spencer Carli

Original Price: $90

Don't believe me? Here's what others have to say.

"woot woot, just got an app approved on the app store with my first submission! wouldn't have happened without all the good insights from @spencercarli. thanks man!"

- Rob Carter

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I just built and pushed my first react native app to the App Store. You have NO idea how much time, stress and anxiety you've saved me with this video series. I learned so much from these. New tools, and methods of building for production. I'm not even done yet, I just had to stop and thank you before I continued. YOU. ROCK. simple as that."

- Jonathan Wheat

"Spencer Carli's courses and tutorials have been an immense help to me on my journey to become an Android and iOS mobile app programmer. I've learned not only how to create dynamically functional React Native + Meteor apps, but how to write cleaner, more concise code as well. He has taught me to better utilize the React Native component model--which, along with its cross-platform nature is really its core strength and saves one from redundancy--and to employ Meteor's amazing responsiveness in my apps. All this, and he has always been there with an answer when I've run up against one of those frustrating coding problems as well! I recommend his courses highly."

- Ken Wishart

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"Keep up the great work. You are making this whole "teach yourself how to build apps in your minimal spare time" endeavor rather enjoyable."

- Casey Rieder

"Spencer Carli's React Native course is the best value for the money I have spent learning while learning a new technology. Not only do you build a functioning app but along the way you learn the industry's best practices. I personally found Spencer's technical explanations to be helpful as I do not like to write code without knowing why or how it works."

- Toul Cranmer

"I just want to tell you that I think your Currency Converter walkthrough course for React Native is amazing! I'm just moving over from Swift since it seems like less hassle and this was the crash course I needed to get started. It feels like your selection of tools and frameworks is very much in line with the current dev trends so they provide a good starting point and avoids the need to do a lot of research before diving in."

- Markus Torpvret

"Oh my god, I just have to say at this point, that these tutorials are absolutely amazing! You explain everything so damn well and the speed is perfect to keep programming along. Very well done! I'm really excited to continue with the next chapters."

- Sandro Martis

"This course was really spectacular! I enjoyed your pacing, presentational style, and attention to detail. I felt it was the perfect pace to code along with."

- Myles O'Connor

"It was awesome. You're doing a great job! Its like the best course I've ever seen. I would recommend the course to all of my friends and colleagues within RN community."

- Oleksandr Kostur

"Spencer I have to tell you man... you are my guru! You don't know how I learned from your course of RN+Redux..... wonderfull course! I'm a graphic designer, so you can imagine how difficult it was for me to understand and know how to apply a workflow for RN + Redux in a real app and not a simple ToDo app! I personally prefer see what's going on while someone is explain to me, and this videos are perfect to get this, they are spectacular step by step, so once again, thank you for your time dedicated to these courses."

- Leonardo J. Gómez Rosa

"Gosh I love you man! Keep up the work ! I am fan! I am spreading your name around my company and students!"

- Rizwan Atta

"Spencer presents the concepts very clearly. I recommend his courses to my co-workers and anyone I mentor as my favorite teacher. The true genius of teaching is presenting complex material in a manner that is easy to grasp."

- Tim McKee

"I loved the process from start to finish on how everything fits together. The steps and the importance of each one of them. How every step is broken down makes showed me how you take a complex task, break it down and execute on each one to produce a beautiful mobile app. Now every time I start a project, I go back and re-watch the steps! Loved it!" -

Alain F.

- Alain F.

"Great tutorial. Learned a lot.Everything is very well explain, Spencer has very good attention to detail."

- Joao M

"I liked how succinct the videos were, no waste of my time, nothing unnecessary. It's just perfect. You definitely know how to explain stuffs. There's nothing I don't like so far."

- Joe-Bernick Rameau

"This was hands-down one of the best technology tutorials I've ever taken! Spencer's react native tutorial was brilliant in how it introduced a variety of concepts -- such as navigation, styling, accounting for multiple platforms (iOS, Android), folder structure and much more -- while building an actual app that worked. I have recommended this course to as many people as will listen and they are consistently as impressed and appreciative as I am."

- sara inés calderón

"The explanations, the speed, the content, basically everything was perfect. Best tutorial I've ever gone through!"

- Sandro Martis

"This is by far the most comprehensive, well-rounded, and in-depth tutorial for React Native, it's absolutely incredible. Spencer is an amazing teacher!"

- Ahmed Abdulrahman

"The clear and concise explanations and Spencer calm and trustworthy voice gave me confidence to start developing React native apps with an clean and productive environment"

- Breno Soares

"Awesome course, congratulations. Very clear way to teach and VERY informative. Thank You."

- Rafael Gonzaga